The Benefits of Winter Forest Bathing and Nature Therapy

Why Forest Bathing and Nature Therapy can be valuable Self Care during the Winter months.

🍂It’s a great opportunity to get outside in the fresh air, connect with nature and soak up all the benefits to health. It’s not always easy to motivate ourselves to go out on our own.

🪵Spending time in the woods and sharing the oxygen with the trees has treemendous benefits🌲 it helps oxygenate our blood improving our circulation and increasing vitality. The tree chemicals we inhale and absorb through our skin help to give our immune system a boost. We’ll also stimulate feel good endorphins and top up our vitamin D.

🐿️ It’s a great opportunity to take a break from routine, social media and other distractions of everyday life. Declutter your overactive mind by plunging your your senses into a healing woodland spa. Emerge invigorated with a sense of ease restored.

🌲One of my top winter tips for Forest Bathing apart from wearing lots of layers and a big warm coat, is to have a lovely treat to return to. It finishes off the experience perfectly, like a warming hot chocolate or a hearty soup!

💚Don’t be afraid to go on your own to an organised event. Forest Bathers are like minded, nature loving, friendly folk and you’ll soon feel at ease.

🍂Should the weather be unsuitable on the day, your booking can easily be transferred to another date.

❄️Why Winter is my favourite time to Forest Bathe or take a Mindful Walk.

I find it really invigorating and I can tell it’s supporting my mental health. If I’m stuck inside too long I start to dip. Being immersed in nature helps me to shake off winter blues. Other advantages are;- It’s a good time of year to learn more about the natural world, it’s easier to spot the wildlife and identify birds and bird song, you get to see the character of the trees more easily and notice different trees and plants that are not usually visible at other times of the year. I find it quite intriguing when I discover new things that I’ve missed previously, although I would have walked that route many times before. The colours of the sky can be mesmerising and feeling the elements helps me stay present and awake to enjoy and appreciate all of these moments ☺️

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