Participant Terms and Conditions for Forest Bathing and Nature Therapy


Participants must be over the age of 18


No dogs are allowed on a Forest Bathing or Mindfulness in Nature session.


The full participation fee is payable upon booking a session.

Start Time

Participants are asked to gather 15 minutes before the start time of the session to register and make any final preparations needed so we are ready to leave on time. It is often not possible to wait more than a few minutes beyond the start time. The fee cannot be refunded if the participant fails to arrive on time.


Forest Bathing and Nature Therapy are beneficial in almost all weather conditions with the exception of thunder storms, high wind gusts over 30 mph, extreme cold. There are some additional benefits to the session in wet weather and often the tree canopy protects participants from any inclement weather. However, if the session does have to be cancelled due to adverse weather, I will give you as much notice as possible and rebook the session for another date.

Clothing and Equipment – You may get cold, even in the summer!

Forest Bathing and Nature Therapy involves walking slowly in a Forest/Woodland/Outdoor Setting and stopping at intervals to engage in sensory exercises and a longer meditative time towards the end. The relaxation reduces body temperature significantly during the session. Please bring suitable clothing layers, even in the summer. Long tops and long sleeves are advisable at any time of the year to protect from scratches, insect bites and ticks etc. Sturdy walking shoes/boots are best for your comfort and protection. Please bring your own (waterproof) ground rug or lightweight folder stool or chair if you find sitting on a rug or mat uncomfortable. Please also bring a water bottle and sun protection if required and any medication you may need during the session.

Possible Risks

Forest Bathing and Nature Therapy involves breathing deeply, walking slowly through a wooded area, standing and sitting/lying. Potential physical risks of doing Forest Bathing and Outdoor Therapy are associated walking and breathing exercises, and certain natural hazards (e.g. roots, branches). Forest Bathing/Nature Therapy can trigger emotions and memories, often joyful, sometimes challenging. This is a normal reaction and happens when our bodies relax and release tension, enabling us to see a wider picture of ourselves and our relationships.

Medical conditions/ medications and pregnancy

Please abstain from this event if you are pregnant. If you have any concerns about the impact of Forest Bathing or Nature Therapy on your physical or mental health issues, you may wish to discuss your participation with your GP. Please inform me if I need to take account of any pre-existing or current conditions.

Refund Policy - If I have to cancel your booked event due to adverse weather I will offer alternative dates. Refunds are only given in exceptional circumstances. No refunds will be issued in the case of non- attendance.

ELW updated 01/08/23

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